Celebrate International Credit Union Day by becoming a member!

Today is International Credit Union day and I marked it by visiting Neath Port Talbot Credit Union at their Windsor Road, Neath offices and becoming a member http://nptcu.co.uk/what-is-credit-union/

Credit unions provide a great service to individuals and also to the wider community. By becoming a member, you can save into a common fund and access low interest loans when needed. Most of the money paid out to members is spent in the Neath Port Talbot area, which also helps support the local economy.

A credit union is also a good alternative to taking out a loan with a payday or doorstep lender, which charge exorbitant rates. Members can also get budgeting advice and help with planning their finances.

As a member of the credit union you also get to have a say in how it is run and may even receive an annual dividend.

To join the credit union, please visit: http://nptcu.co.uk/join-us-today/how-do-i-join/