Local AMs anger at broken promises on rail electrication

Aberavon’s Assembly Member, David Rees, and Neath’s Assembly Member, Jeremy Miles, have today expressed their disgust and anger that the Tory Government in Westminster have failed to provide the promised rail electrification to Swansea. The Tory Government initially promised electrification to Swansea, then they changed it to go to Cardiff first and Swansea at a later time, now they have abandoned even that. This latest decision will see the electrification of the main line from London halted at Cardiff, thus showing their contempt and lack of investment in communities west of the capital.

Mr Rees said; “It is disgraceful that the UK government fails to support economic development west of Cardiff through electrification, but instead imposes a prison on Port Talbot that could stagnate the economic growth needed in the area. It is clear that they cannot be trusted to keep their promises and have shown a total disregard for the people and businesses of Neath Port Talbot.”

Mr Miles said “As a member of the transport scrutiny committee I have raised several times the question of rail services and specifically the electrification of the line through to Swansea and have not had a satisfactory answer. We should not have to put up with second class rail travel. This latest announcement now confirms the betrayal of communities west of Cardiff by the UK Tory Government. I will continue to press for the UK government to honour its obligations to people in our area.”

Mr Rees and Mr Miles have both been strong voices of electrifying the line to Swansea as the economic and social benefits for the communities along that line are vital and they will continue to fight for the electrification to be taken as far as Swansea.