My letter to the Editor of the Evening Post on the opposition to the Welsh Labour budget settlement for NPT

Dear Editor

Today (Tuesday 9th February 2016) the Welsh Labour government submitted its draft budget to the Assembly for approval, ahead of the final vote in March.

For the residents of Neath Port Talbot, this draft budget contained the second lowest cuts in funding of any local authority budget in Wales.

Whist this sadly still involves very real cuts due to the reductions in funding by the Tory government in Westminster, there are over £6m fewer planned cuts to local services than had been feared, as a result of Welsh Labour priorities in the draft Budget.

This was a clear recognition by the Welsh Labour Government that the people and communities of Neath Port Talbot deserve its support.

So I was very disappointed today to see Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives joining together to vote against giving Neath Port Talbot one of the two best budget settlements in Wales – once again letting down local residents.

The Welsh Labour draft Budget which Plaid and the Tories voted against, also includes an extra £287million for our NHS as well as extra money for education, transport and housing across Wales.

Jeremy Miles

Welsh Labour and Co-operative Assembly Candidate for Neath