How the Welsh Labour Government plans to deliver its ambitious target of an additional 20,000 affordable homes:


£1.3 billion will be invested over the term of this government to support the delivery of 20,000 affordable homes and complete the task of meeting the Welsh Housing Quality Standard highlighted the government’s ambition in this area. The Welsh Labour Government’s plans to achieve the target of an additional 20,000 affordable homes include:


  • Continuing to support the construction of social housing for the most vulnerable through tried and tested schemes including the Social Housing Grant (SHG).
  • Supporting construction of more than 6,000 homes through the Help to Buy scheme. Phase II of the scheme will see £290 million invested until 2021.
  • Developing a more ambitious house building programme which is ambitious in terms of the design, quality, location and energy efficiency of the homes we deliver.
  • Supporting a variety of housing tenures in order to respond to a wider range of housing needs.
  • Developing a Rent to Own scheme which will support those who aspire to buy their own home but struggle to save a sizeable deposit.
  • Promoting a range of routes into home ownership at an affordable cost, especially for first-time buyers in areas where they are often unable to purchase a home due to high local property values.
  • Legislation from the Welsh Labour Government to abolish the Right to Buy and the Right to Acquire, to retain existing social housing stock, is already underway.


The Welsh Labour Government is maintaining and strengthening its relationships with housing associations, local authorities and private house builders to build on the 10,000 affordable homes delivered in the last Assembly.


Jeremy Miles said: ‘Living in your own home should be an inalienable right in a modern civilised society, and being homeless should not exist in this day and age. However, owning or renting your own home with rising house prices has become more and more difficult. This is why I welcome wholeheartedly the measures outlined by the Welsh Government and the investment of £1.3 billion in order to achieve their target of building an additional 20,000 affordable homes’.