Save Trem y Glyn

Trem y Glyn is a much loved care home in Glynneath and I am keen to see that it continues. Like many people, I was disappointed by the Neath Port Talbot council’s consultation on the closure of Trem y Glyn in Glynneath from 2022. I recognise of course that the Council must plan its provision of residential care based on reliable projections of demand and I have said publicly that I support the policy which enables people who want to be cared for at home to have proper care at home. However, Trem Y Glyn is a popular and well-loved facility and it is important that there are care homes in all parts of the Neath area. You can see my  full response to the council’s consultation here.

I have already pressed the Council for assurances on several issues. I am seeking assurances that the residential service provided in Trem y Glyn, including the staffing, the upkeep and decoration of the current premises will be maintained pending any further decisions on closure. I will also want to ensure – in relation to the period after any decision to close – that there will be adequate ongoing care facilities both in other residential home settings for those who need it, and also outside a residential home setting, together with satisfactory arrangements for respite and to support carers generally.

As I outlined in the South Wales Evening Post, I believe that we must now look for imaginative ways forward. There is a well-loved and dedicated workforce and strong community support. I would like to see the Council working hand in hand as a partner with the community, to explore alternative ways to provide these services at Trem y Glyn – maybe through a social enterprise or local co-operative model. Perhaps providing residential and community-based care flexibly. Similar smaller-scale plans have been developed elsewhere in Wales, with success – but this would be the first time such a plan would have been launched on this scale. If you believe we should do all we can to keep Trem y Glyn open, with community support, please get in touch with me.