We cannot allow Trump attack on trans people to stop march toward full equality

Following Donald Trump’s announcement that transgender people will be banned from serving in the US military Jeremy Miles AM said:

“We have just seen the US President point at trans people serving in the US military and say ‘you are the problem’. This is utterly shameful and is no different to how he has vilified Mexicans with a threat to build a wall or Muslims with attempts to ban them from entering the US. This is happening right now in one of our closest international allies. This is not acceptable behaviour and we cannot allow it to become accepted.

Today’s Trump attack on trans people is particularly damaging because it will send a message to a small group that they can be brazen in their hatred of trans people. We will not allow this in Wales. The LGBT+ community and our many allies will not allow Trump or his band of populists to stop the progress that we have fought for or the march toward solidarity and full equality that we must still achieve.”