Your Ideas

Politicians spend a lot of their time telling people about their ideas. And whilst it is important that you have an opportunity to know what your representatives’ views are, it’s also important for us to listen to other people’s ideas. Everyone has first hand experience of some aspect of what the Assembly is responsible for – housing, schools, the NHS, care services, and so on. Wales is a small country and so it should be very easy for the public to get their ideas across to the National Assembly.

If you have ideas about how we can improve the way we do things – different ways of working, new ideas to try, please do get in touch. I am keen to hear from you. You can use the link below to send a summary of your idea and then we will get in touch with you to discuss it further.


As well as sending in your ideas, please remember that the Welsh Government consults on various proposals from time to time and you can influence the decisions the Government takes by responding to a consultation. If the consultation relates to something that you have experience of, or otherwise know a lot about, your views will be particularly useful.

Sadly, not as many people respond to consultations as I would like to see, but that means that if you do decide to send in comments, they will be read and taken into account. You can see what the Welsh Government is consulting on, and how you can respond by clicking here.